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Oceania has implemented various measures to protect marine mammals in French Polynesia. Among these measures is the census of observable cetacean species from land-based observation points. This initiative helps to gain a better understanding of the distribution and behaviors of these species in the region, which is crucial for implementing effective conservation strategies.

Another action taken is the monitoring of the humpback whale population throughout the Polynesian sanctuary, involving photo identification and collection of whale skin flakes (blubber) for in-depth genetic analysis.

The “Vigie Sanctuaire” program has also been established with the aim of better understanding and reducing the risks of collision between vessels and marine mammals in Polynesian waters.

Lastly, pollution cleanup initiatives are being carried out, including the collection of marine debris to reduce the impact on marine biodiversity, particularly the cetaceans of French Polynesia.

With your donations, the association will be able to expand its actions and expand its teams, thus contributing more to the preservation of these magnificent marine mammals.