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Photos autorisation

Humpback whales, as majestic and vulnerable creatures, are subject to strict regulations to ensure their protection in the waters of French Polynesia. These regulations are established under Articles A 2213-1-5 to A 2213-1-8, which govern the approach activities of whales and other marine mammals for observation or photographic purposes.

These rules aim to minimize disturbances and preserve the integrity of the whales’ natural habitat. They set minimum distances to be respected to avoid causing them disturbance, while still allowing photographers and observers to appreciate their presence in a responsible manner.

Under these regulations, I have obtained a special exemption that allows me to approach and photograph humpback whales in French Polynesia. This exemption is granted with caution and requires a firm commitment to adhere to the established strict rules.

Thanks to this authorization, I have been able to approach these magnificent marine mammals while minimizing any negative impact on their behavior and environment. Every snapshot you discover on my website has been captured in compliance with these regulations, ensuring that the whales are protected and preserved.

These rules are not merely administrative formalities; they are a constant reminder of our responsibility towards these incredible animals. By respecting minimum distances and acting with respect and consideration, we contribute to the conservation of whales and the preservation of their natural habitat.

The regulations highlight the importance of preserving the fragile beauty of these marine creatures and ensuring their long-term survival. As a photographer, I am honored to have the opportunity to capture their grace and power while raising public awareness about the importance of their protection.

The photographs you admire are therefore the result of respectful and ethical work carried out within the framework of established regulations to protect these marvelous marine mammals. It is a privilege to share these precious moments with you and contribute to the preservation of humpback whales in French Polynesia.