Made in France from recycled fishing nets • 5% of the profits are donated to Oceania • Don’t forget to make a donation to help further


Oceania x Atiha

Let’s unite for an even stronger impact

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From Symbol to Action:
Atiha Bracelets Inspire Change

Atiha goes beyond being just a jewelry brand. We are actively committed to the preservation of humpback whales in Polynesia. Every purchase of an Atiha bracelet directly contributes to this cause, with 5% of the profits donated to the Oceania association. By choosing our products, you become a change-maker, supporting the preservation efforts for these magnificent marine creatures.

Each bracelet is unique, handcrafted by Louise, the creator, using recycled fishing line.


Maximize Your Impact:
Donate for Humpback Whales

To go even further, we have set up an open fund where you can make additional donations to further support the association. The funds raised will be entirely donated to Oceania, strengthening our actions for the protection and preservation of humpback whales in Polynesia. By contributing to this fund, you actively participate in helping marine ecosystems and supporting the conservation efforts for these beautiful marine creatures.